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Top 5 Applications of Internet of Things (IOT)

Top 5 Applications of Internet of Things (IOT)

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The phrase “Internet of Things” was invented by Kevin Ashton in 1999. He made at his place of employment, Proctor & Gamble. During his time there, Ashton came up with the idea of putting a RFID tag on each lipstick and having them communicate with a radio receiver.

He put forward as fact that such data collection can be used to solve lots of problems in the real world. At the moment, a lot of connected devices can talk to internet and to our smart phones, and maybe even some similar products, but most of them can’t talk to one another because of branded hardware and software with differing standards, languages and communication protocols. For most of the current smart household items, you’ll need to use a different app or website to interface with the device. So let’s discover the top 5 application of Internet of Things (IOT).


IOT in industry

Indoor Air Quality: Monitoring of oxygen levels and toxic gas inside chemical plants to ensure workers and goods safety. Monitor the temperature inside the industry. In food factories monitoring of ozone levels during the drying meat process.Information collection from Can Bus to send real time alarms to emergencies or provide advice to drivers.

IOT for Smart Home

IoT that turns the automated home into the smart home. With a combination of sensors, smart systems, IoT connects everyday objects to a network, enabling those objects to complete tasks and communicate with each other, with no human input. This in turn the home automation, connected devices and IOT you get a Smart Home. And a modern smart home can be easily controlled through a smart phone, tablet or computer.

IOT for Agricultural Production

Implementing IOT in agricultural field for developing, the supply and growth of the crop by collecting the information from the environment sensor. The need of agricultural products could be predicted measurably, but due to the slight difference in condition of harvest and weather change, disease and insect damage etc. could not be predicted, so that the supply and need of agricultural products has not been controlled properly. To overcome it, the IOT-based monitoring system to analyze crop environment and the method to improve the efficiency of decision making by analyzing harvest statistics.

Top 5 Applications of Internet of Things (IOT)

IOT for Health Care

IOT in the healthcare application is used to observe and check the progress the health condition of patient in one end from other end of the spectrum; especially it is more useful for patient in the remote location. IOT Healthcare solutions can remotely monitor patients be affected from various disorders like diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer etc., These applications will not only improve the access to care while increasing the quality of care but also reduce the cost of care.

IOT in Transportation

IOT less in amount traffic congestion in the city, So GPS and time information from city buses is displaying a city -wide view of the public transport system, with the action of predicting something of bus arrivals, transit times and route congestion on a digital map of the city. Based on this information, the city can take designed to correct the action to reduce traffic congestion and keep city buses running smoothly.

In conclusion, IoT  will make a revolution in our life style because it will be used in all domains anf that is what can make life more easy also with the 5G revolution.

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