January 19, 2021

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Salesforce turns to the Microsoft Cloud, the end of a historical rivalry

by on November 24, 2019 0
Salesforce has decided to turn to Microsoft’s Azure Public Cloud for its Cloud Marketing service. This is the end of a long-standing rivalry between two American technology giants… For many years, Salesforce and Microsoft have been rivals among technology giants. Regularly, their respective managers do not hesitate to publicly launch peaks. This is not... Read More

How IA and Facebook protects you against facial recognition

by on November 24, 2019 0
Facebook is one of the big firms where invested in artificial intelligence, lately, the researchers of Facebook develop a system of artificial intelligence with the intention of protecting himself against facial recognition. The system spirit automatically the modification of the face of a person in a live or recorded video, with the intention of... Read More

Orange Cloud: advantages, performance and cost

by on November 20, 2019 0
The Orange cloud is the cloud service of Orange, the famous French historical operator. This service allows customers to have a large amount of online storage space, but also physical storage space on the Livebox. Discover the main strengths and advantages of the Orange cloud compared to the competitors, as well as information on... Read More

Tools for Data Analytics

by on May 26, 2019 0
Tools for Data Analytics The following section presents a number of Tools for Data Analytics that currently are trend in storage, management, and analysis of big amounts of data. This, with the purpose of having a clearer perspective when choosing the suitable tool that allows better use of resources and data.  Hadoop Hadoop (HDFS)... Read More