February 27, 2021

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Big Data global data volume multiplied fivefold by 2025

by on December 3, 2019 0
If we are talking about Big Data today, we will have to talk about Data tomorrow. According to a new IDC study, the total volume of data stored on our planet reaches 175 Zo in 2025 or 5.3 times more than today. Currently, in 2018, the total volume of information stored in computer systems... Read More

Santander Bank accelerates in blockchain and AI

by on March 20, 2019 0
The Spain’s Bank Santander has entered into a five-year partnership with IBM to accelerate its digital transformation through implementing technologies in artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data. The amount of this contract is approximately $ 700 million. Less than one year after BNP Paribas, it’s the turn of another banking giant to get in the direction of ibm. Bank Santander has entered into a five-year partnership with big blue for... Read More

The cloud increase the turnover of the two giant Microsoft and amazon

by on March 12, 2019 0
Microsoft and Amazon have just announced impressive financial results for the first quarter of 2018 (third fiscal quarter). These excellent results are largely related to the respective cloud activities of the two US companies. In Q1 2018 (third fiscal quarter), Microsoft posted revenue of $ 26.8 billion, 16% more than in Q1 2017. Net... Read More

Big Data Technology for Scientific Applications

by on March 3, 2019 0
The era of Big Data has involved a great number of available datasets which are dynamic and heterogeneous. The difficulty level for transforming a normal user into someone who can explore the data is more burdensome nowadays due to the great amount of data. Data processing has become a major research topic of modern... Read More

Bringing Big Data Systems to the Cloud

by on March 1, 2019 0
Big Data Big data represents a new paradigm of data management (collection, processing, querying, data types, and scale) that isn’t well served by traditional data management systems. Two distinct paradigms are emerging in the big data space: working with data    at rest, and working with streams of data in flight. We’ll focus on data... Read More

Cloud Based Big Data Analytics

by on March 1, 2019 0
Big Data is a term refers to Structured, unstructured and Semi structured data that is this data is having variety. Big Data is also referred a term as a data is a huge data set having really huge magnitude. Volume (really a huge volume). Big data is that term which arrives before you and... Read More

Cloud of Things based on Linked Data

by on February 28, 2019 0
IoT (Internet of Things) is a highly popular technology that is expected to play a pivotal role in the fourth industrial revolution, which is represented by the convergence of manufacturing and information and communications technologies. The topics of the fourth industrial revolution include connectivity, intelligence, and automation, and the IoT technology will serve as... Read More

Intersection of the Cloud and Big Data

by on February 28, 2019 0
When defining the cloud and big data, it’s helpful to consider both the consumer and producer perspectives. For consumers, the cloud is about consuming hardware or software as a service (SaaS) and the various implications of this approach. For example, pricing models and data governance may change dramatically. In public clouds, the services are... Read More

Big Data in the Public Cloud

by on February 28, 2019 0
Before we arrive at the present, however, let’s look at how big data on the public cloud got started. The early innovators in big data infrastructure (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook) were of course large public cloud companies, but ran on their own private infrastructures.Although the public cloud companies have been developing big data... Read More