November 26, 2020

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Amazon Web Services throws his Cloud service of quantum counting

by on December 14, 2019 0
Recently, as part of the 2019 re-invent conference, the giant Amazon Web Services launches its Cloud Braket service dedicated to quantum computing. So, what are the features and benefits of this new cloud service? After Google, Microsoft, and IBM, it’s Amazon’s turn to launch its AWS Braket quantum computing cloud service. However, rather than... Read More

All about Cloud Computing

by on May 29, 2019 0
EVOLUTION OF CLOUD COMPUTING Cloud is store on Internet servers instead of on your computer. It’s like having an extra hard drive one that you can access anywhere and anytime you’re connected to the Internet which provides services for computing. And when we are using this cloud for the computation, means we are taking... Read More

Amazon and Microsoft Raise Profits with Cloud Computing

by on April 30, 2019 0
Wall Street analysts announced that the two world leaders Amazon and Microsoft have increased their profits in early 2019 and they exceeded expectations. This is thanks to the revolution of cloud computing. According to statistics between the first quarter of 2019 and 2018, Amazon was able to increase its profit in double: Q1 2019:... Read More

IoT : top 4 most used programming languages

by on April 20, 2019 0
Recently the Eclipse Foundation has published a ranking of the major programming languages used by Internet of Things (IoT) developers. Overall, C and Java are the most popular languages of the 2000 developers surveyed, two-thirds of whom are professionally paid for IoT projects. Python and JavaScript languages are not left out. According to this... Read More