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Amazon wants to create its own facial recognition law

by on November 28, 2019 0
Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, announces that his company will draft its own set of laws to regulate the use of facial recognition. This bill will then be proposed to American legislators for adoption… The best way to have the law on your side is to create it. Maybe that’s what Jeff Bezos thought. As... Read More

How IA and Facebook protects you against facial recognition

by on November 24, 2019 0
Facebook is one of the big firms where invested in artificial intelligence, lately, the researchers of Facebook develop a system of artificial intelligence with the intention of protecting himself against facial recognition. The system spirit automatically the modification of the face of a person in a live or recorded video, with the intention of... Read More

Artificial Intelligence Revolution

by on June 29, 2019 0
Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to execute functions that generally are associated with human intelligence. Psychological activities performed by artificial intelligence techniques include cognitive and analytical activities. They include problem solving, perception patterns, understanding language, answering questions, proving theorems, and learning from experience. Machine learning Machine learning is a core... Read More

Frameworks IA & ML (Static and dynamic)

by on April 24, 2019 0
In this article we will present some most popular frameworks use on IA and ML IA & ML The ML (Machine Learning) is considered like a small branch of AI (Artificial Intelligence), additionally its applications and implications in our daily lives are growing. The DL (Deep Learning) and Big Data are popular in many... Read More

RaaS: the robotic platform launched by Google Cloud

by on March 27, 2019 0
RaaS Robotics as a Service is the new platform announced by Google Cloud that will be launched for developers in 2019. It is a platform that offers users a combination of cloud, robotics and artificial intelligence. Officially the Google Cloud Robotic Platform will be launched in 2019. It is a RaaS  (Robotics as a... Read More

Santander Bank accelerates in blockchain and AI

by on March 20, 2019 0
The Spain’s Bank Santander has entered into a five-year partnership with IBM to accelerate its digital transformation through implementing technologies in artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data. The amount of this contract is approximately $ 700 million. Less than one year after BNP Paribas, it’s the turn of another banking giant to get in the direction of ibm. Bank Santander has entered into a five-year partnership with big blue for... Read More

Machine learning and automatic correction in Microsoft Word

by on March 14, 2019 0
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be used by Microsoft Word to improve its automatic correction with a better grammar verification system As part of the Build conference, Microsoft announced that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be used to improve its various products. The Office 365 suite will notably benefit from many improvements... Read More

Artificial intelligence in business

by on March 11, 2019 0
The adoption of artificial intelligence in business has increased by 270% between 2015 and 2019. This is revealed by a study published by analysts Gartner. Artificial intelligence is more and more widely used in business. According to a study published by Gartner following a survey of 3,000 executives in 89 countries, the adoption of... Read More

Artificial Intelligence for Smart City

by on March 7, 2019 0
In 1979, John McCarthy, a computer scientist coined the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) defining it as “the science and engineering of making smart machines”. Artificial intelligence offers a lot into robotics application, for the development of clever systems that ought to directly and intelligently solve problems. The SMART CITY initiative taken up through the... Read More

Impacts of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on Mankind

by on March 5, 2019 0
Machine learning is progressively evolving and is a practicable game changer in the history of computing, logical algorithm patterns and design of complicated data structures. The developing interest in machine learning, backed with artificial intelligence, influenced through the identical factors that had made data mining and Bayesian analysis more popular than ever. It’s quite... Read More