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Suse towards the independence ways

By on March 19, 2019 0 621 Views

Suse strengthens his management team to support its new phase of growth,
and thus once again become an independent open source company.

The company was bought last summer by the Swedish fund EQT Partners to the
British software publisher Micro Focus.
The operation is now finalized. Suse thus becomes an “independent” open
source supplier with a strengthened management team.

Also, Enrica Angelone (Financial Director), Sander Huyts (Operations
Manager) and Thomas Di Giacomo (ex-CTO moved to engineering) were recently
appointed or promoted.

All report to Nils Brauckmann, General manager(CEO) of Suse since
2016.Today, the leader promotes the newfound independence of society.
< Our solutions are truly open source , our commercial flexibility, the
absence of dependence imposed on the supplier (Vendor Lock-in)
and the quality of our services are of fundamental importance to our
customers and partners >,,he said via press release.

Suse wants to better meet the digital transformation desires of
international customers. From deploying a Linux distribution to
application management
and cloud hybrid through the containers and infrastructure defined by the
software (SDI).

To do this, Suse renewed its commitment to its partners, including Intel
and SAP, and its support to open source contributor communities.

The software publisher reaffirms its desire to play an “active role” in
the ecosystem. Suse claims to be “involved” in some 100 open source
projects to nowadays.

Finally, to compete with the competition, Red Hat (IBM) in the lead,
organic growth is not enough. Suse is also banking on upcoming

For Johannes Reichel, partner at EQT Partners, Suse now has “adequate
resources” to support the “new phase of its evolution”.

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