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Salesforce turns to the Microsoft Cloud, the end of a historical rivalry

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Salesforce has decided to turn to Microsoft’s Azure Public Cloud for its Cloud Marketing service. This is the end of a long-standing rivalry between two American technology giants…

For many years, Salesforce and Microsoft have been rivals among technology giants. Regularly, their respective managers do not hesitate to publicly launch peaks.

This is not surprising since the two American giants are in direct competition in several areas. Among these different sectors is Salesforce’s core business, which is customer relationship management.

Although Salesforce dominates this domain with its Sales Cloud, Microsoft is also present with its Dynamics 65 cloud service. However, recently, it seems that both firms have decided to bury the hatchet.

In 2014, the two companies signed a first product partnership. Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Benioff even praised Satya Nadella’s collaborative approach and invited her to the stage of his Dreamforce conference.

In 2015, Microsoft had gone so far as to try to buy Salesforce. However, disagreements over the purchase price had led to the abortion of the project.

In 2016, unfortunately, the discord had been rekindled by the battle to try to acquire LinkedIn, which Microsoft had finally won. Benioff then stated that “the new Microsoft may finally be the old Microsoft” to Jim Cramer of CNBC.

Salesforce will migrate its Cloud Marketing service to Microsoft Azure

However, friendship could finally return between these two American colossuses. Salesforce announces that it has decided to migrate its Cloud Marketing service to Microsoft’s Azure public cloud.

Until now, Salesforce has operated its own internal infrastructure for its Cloud Marketing service and Amazon’s public cloud, the global leader in the cloud market, for its other online services. In 2017, the firm announced its intention to move to the Google Cloud Platform.

It seems, however, that she has changed her plans, and has chosen to call on her long-time rival. Perhaps it will have been influenced by the fact that the Pentagon chose Microsoft to develop its Cloud? In any case, neither company has agreed to disclose how much money Salesforce will invest in the Cloud Azure…

In addition to relying on Microsoft’s infrastructure, Salesforce also plans to develop technology to integrate its Sales Cloud and Service Cloud products with the Microsoft Teams communication application in competition with Slack. Previously, Salesforce used its own internal social network called Chatter. The objective is not to abandon Chatter, but to allow better interoperability between Chatter and Teams…

Satya Nadella seems to be particularly good at burying old quarrels and rallying her opponents. Previously, under his command, Microsoft also forged relationships with former rivals such as Red Hat and VMware. These strategic partnerships could enable the Redmond firm to gain market share in the Cloud market…

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