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RaaS: the robotic platform launched by Google Cloud

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RaaS Robotics as a Service is the new platform announced by Google Cloud that will be launched for developers in 2019. It is a platform that offers users a combination of cloud, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Officially the Google Cloud Robotic Platform will be launched in 2019. It is a RaaS  (Robotics as a Service) platform that will combine robotics, cloud and artificial intelligence into an open ecosystem of automation solutions.

Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning services will improve the efficiency of robotic automation in highly dynamic environments. So developers will be able to access Google’s various artificial intelligence and data management solutions, such as Cloud AutoML and Cloud Bigtable. They will be able to take advantage of features of natural language processing, computer vision and translation for their robots.

RaaS: the robotic platform launched by Google Cloud

The Google Cloud Robotics Platform also leverages Google Cartographer to provide 2D and 3D SLAM mapping and real-time simultaneous localization capabilities. Sensor data from multiple sources will be processed in real time to allow robots to find their way through maps. Even though environments change over time, space intelligence services will be able to analyze locations and support queries, track changes, and adapt to them. The launch of the Google Cloud Robotics Platform coincides with the coming of age of the robotic industry. It could allow Google to gain share in the cloud market, which currently remains largely dominated by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

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