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Orange Cloud

Orange Cloud: advantages, performance and cost

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The Orange cloud is the cloud service of Orange, the famous French historical operator. This service allows customers to have a large amount of online storage space, but also physical storage space on the Livebox. Discover the main strengths and advantages of the Orange cloud compared to the competitors, as well as information on how it works. 

By subscribing to the Orange cloud, users can enjoy up to 100 GB of online storage space. In addition, a 1TB disk integrated into the Livebox provides physical storage space. Users can access their own files such as pictures, videos, music or documents from anywhere, via any devices (computer, smartphone, tablet or Orange TV). To access it, simply connect to the Orange Cloud application. It is then possible to download them locally or restore them to another device. This can be very useful in case of theft, breakage, or loss of an aircraft.

What is the Orange Cloud?

A clever combination of cloud and physical storage

With 100GB of storage space, the Orange cloud allows you to store a large number of photos. Photos captured with a smartphone can be transferred directly to the cloud, allowing the user to access them from any device. They can be displayed in full screen or rotated to view them from every angle. In addition, it provides access to information about the photos, such as the file type, dimensions, shooting date, date added to the cloud, size or origin of each shot. Photos can also be sorted by theme or folder. Thus, the user can create photo albums and share them on the internet.

This large storage space also allows you to store high definition videos and manage them intuitively. It is possible to store video recorded using a smartphone or camcorder, and most file formats are supported. These videos can then be viewed from any device, including on the go with the Orange Android Cloud application and iOS. The video player built into this cloud allows you to stream videos without having to download them.

The various audio file formats are also managed by the Orange cloud. Again, files can be organized by theme, year, artist, album and much more. This makes management much easier. It also allows you to stream music through an integrated audio player. This allows you to preserve the sound quality of the files and access them from any device without having to download them.

Orange Cloud: automatic backup is one of the main strengths

One of the most advantageous features of the Orange cloud is automatic cloud backup. Photo, video, contact and calendar files from a smartphone or tablet are automatically saved to the cloud. This allows the user to easily change devices and keep their data. Similarly, the user can choose folders to be automatically backed up on his PC or Mac computer.

The Orange cloud also makes it easier to share files. Users can share photos, videos, music, and documents of all kinds with their friends and family from the operator’s website or from the Orange Cloud application for smartphones and tablets. Files can be shared by email, SMS, or on Facebook and Twitter social networks or through a sharing link.

Orange Cloud: a new design

Since July, 2017, the Orange cloud has had a completely new design. Videos and photos are grouped in a gallery accessible from the home page. By default, photos and videos are displayed in the gallery, but the user can choose to display only photos or videos. Photos can be sorted by date added or captured, while videos are automatically sorted by date added. The size of the gallery thumbnails can be increased or reduced at will.

It is also possible to launch a slide show from the gallery. To do this, simply select a selection of files and click on a button provided for this purpose. The slideshow can be adjusted according to your preferences in terms of transition times or visual effects.

Orange Cloud: data security is a priority

In addition, Orange guarantees the security of the files stored in its cloud. Unlike most cloud services, Orange hosts its users’ data on servers located in France. This service is subject to French legislation, and therefore to very strict standards in terms of privacy. The user controls the storage, sharing, and deletion of data. To access the data, a username and password are required.

Similarly, a lock code is required to access the application on a smartphone or tablet. If the user exits the application or puts his smartphone in standby, the application is automatically locked. File transfers are also encrypted in https, the same protocol that banks use to secure their applications and websites.

Data centers are protected and monitored 24/7 by security guards and a video surveillance system, and access to computer rooms by employees is strictly regulated. Two additional smoke detection and water mist extinguishing systems guarantee fire protection. In the event of a power failure, electrical equipment, generators, and air conditioning systems are also duplicated. The data stored on the servers is also duplicated to preserve it in the event of an incident.

Orange Cloud: price and availability 

The Orange cloud is included free of charge with all Livebox offers, with the exception of the Discovery Livebox offer. Livebox Zen and Livebox Play subscribers have 10GB of cloud storage space, while Livebox Jet subscribers will benefit from 100GB. To benefit from the 100GB of online storage space, subscribers to the Discovery Livebox offer will have to pay 5 euros per month to subscribe to the Online Storage option.

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