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facebook and AI

How IA and Facebook protects you against facial recognition

By on November 24, 2019 0 547 Views

Facebook is one of the big firms where invested in artificial intelligence, lately, the researchers of Facebook develop a system of artificial intelligence with the intention of protecting himself against facial recognition. The system spirit automatically the modification of the face of a person in a live or recorded video, with the intention of preventing the others IA system from acknowledging it.

Governments and authorities are the customers the most interested in facial recognition for one stumble of surveillance. Several associations and defenders of confidentiality get worried about this development, which puts in danger the private life of the individuals.

Everybody knows rather the greed of Facebook in personal data, Contrary to all expectations three researchers in artificial intelligence of Facebook created a system allowing to protect himself against facial recognition.

IA of Facebook changes your face automatically in videos.

Dices-identifications facial is the new technology of Facebook which allows the modification of the face of the user in a video to prevent other systems of facial recognition from acknowledging it, this technology performs modifications definite on physical details of users, such as the size of the eyes, his death or the form of its mouth.

With the intention of this modification, new technology uses an architecture of encoding and deciphering to generate at the same time a mask and a picture and insert them into a video. according to the researchers, this IA can be used at the same time on already recorded contents and on videos in live.

It laying returning the usage of such obligatory technology during the video capture of a person could guarantee better protection of confidentiality.

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