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Google Cloud has launched a search engine for the Blockchain

By on March 15, 2019 0 768 Views

In 2019 Google Cloud has created a new search engine for the Blockchain, based on its Big Data BigQuery platform. Entitled “Blockchain ETL”, the project has created more than 500 data analysis tools for the different blockchains.

It’s been a long time both giants Microsoft and Amazon have launched tools for the creation and management of blockchains, Google had stayed away from this technology. Afterwards, the giant Google has finally combined its expertise in the areas of Big Data and Search Engines to create a search engine for the Blockchain.

However, Allen Day, senior developer at Google Cloud, believes that the future of Blockchain will depend on its accessibility and the ability to search and retrieve data on the channel. According to him, when more economic activity takes place on the chain, a higher level of confidence will be needed. Users will want to know who they are interacting with.

Currently, blockchain search requires the use of a “block-explorer” to retrieve data from a known individual transaction number. That allow to carry out generalized researches at the level of a whole Blockchain, Allen Day decided to create the project “Blockchain ETL”.

At first, the developer started to enter all Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchains into BigQuery, Google’s Big Data platform. He then created a suite of software tools to search the data. Despite the lack of communication on this subject, this project has quickly made him speak among the crypto-coders through word of mouth. More than 500 projects have been created since then. The tools thus created make it possible, for example, to predict the price of Bitcoin or to analyze the disparities between all Ether portfolios.

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