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Targeted Advertising: Google Adwords and Big Data

Targeted Advertising: Google Adwords and Big Data

By on April 2, 2019 0 948 Views

Google Adwords is the first online advertising platform that relies mainly on big data. So how big data improves the effectiveness of advertising in the world .

In 2000 Google launches Google Adwords which will grant it as one of the best online advertising platforms in the world. Google Adwords allows companies in the world to advertise easily on the internet.

 Big data has a key role in the success of Google Adwords and it is thanks to big data that large companies can target their advertising by spreading the advertising annals to the right people at the right time to maximize investments

  After years relies heavily on the big data for data values ​​add to its user, for example in the beginning the companies have a single targeting possibility which is the geographical targeting but now the targeting is possible with the age sex and other more complex criteria

In addition Remarketing is a very effective service offered by Google Adwords, the service allows the company to display their advertising to visitors who have visited their website while they are still on the net.

On the other hand and thanks to the big data, google adwords proposes to these customers the data of the searches carried out on the different search engines Google Search, this data will allow the companies of well the keywords for the advertising campaigns.

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