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Facebook facial recognition

Facebook created an application of facial recognition for his employees

By on December 1, 2019 0 330 Views

Lately, large companies are investing in several new technologies, among them facial recognition, in this framework Facebook is developing a facial recognition application that allows these employees to get recognize each other.

It was between 2015 and 2016 and for the purpose of internal use that Facebook developed a mobile application based on recognition. That’s what Business Insider reveals.

The purpose of the application and allow employees to easily identify their colleagues and friends. All it took was to point the smartphone’s camera at a person to get their name and profile picture on the social network.

According to the source, one version of this app was even able to identify any Facebook user. However, a spokesperson would like to deny this point to the CNET website

Facebook wants to avoid privacy controversies

In any case, the application has since been removed and it is unlikely to resurface one day. Facebook is the subject of a class action for collecting users’ facial recognition data without their consent, violating Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act.

Also, in the viewfinder of FTC, the American Congress or even the European Union, Facebook has lately changed drastically its strategy concerning confidentiality and collection of data.

Consequently, Facebook is situated in the fervent protector of private life. His researchers even developed IA allowing to protect himself against facial recognition. Also, the use of facial recognition would tarnish undoubtedly the picture which it tries to restore …

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