January 19, 2021
Facebook and the Big Data Revolution

Facebook and the Big Data Revolution

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Discover how the American company revolutionized the world of computing. Through many innovations developed internally and then shared in Open Source, Mark Zuckerberg has contributed to the rise of Big Data.

Facebook is often at the heart of the news, it is often because of his adventures. Between massive data leaks, the spread of Fake News and the Cambridge Analytica case, facebook has earned a bad reputation for cybersecurity and data protection.

However, while Facebook is celebrating its 15th anniversary on February 4, 2019, it should be remembered that the firm has also contributed very positively to the evolution of computing. Today, many popular applications like Netflix and Uber rely on technologies created by Facebook before being shared in open source with the world.

We can first mention the Cassandra distributed database, created internally by Facebook before being shared with the rest of the world in 2008. Today, Cassandra is the eleventh most popular database on the scale. World. It is used by Apple, Netflix, Instagram and Uber.

Even though Google and Amazon had already created their own distributed databases, Facebook is the first to share their creation. Similarly, Facebook has contributed to the development of the Hadoop data crunching platform, which is now considered the main Big Data platform. We can say that Facebook has strongly contributed to the democratization of Big Data.

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