January 28, 2021

Data leaks: an expense up 12 % for firms

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IBM and Ponemon Institute announces in the annual report that escapes of data content more and more a lot of different firms of all areas.

The most part of the firms collect personal data, and this precious information coveted by hackers. Indeed, drawing away cyberattacks the escapes of data increase.

In the annual report of Ponemon Institute and IBM the financial impact of the violations of data reveals that the expense of these cyberattacks augmented more than 12 % to attain 3,92 M of dollars, in the course of the last five years.

On the other hand, the report announces that escapes of data cost more a lot for the small and medium firms. On average, an escape of data can cost 2,5 million dollars to a small or medium firm. As well as escapes of data can have calamitous consequences as the firms of lesser wingspan, while the impact will be lesser for the big firms and the multinational.

With a medium sum of losses estimated at 6,5 million dollars, the area of health is the area that pays furthermore because of escapes of data.

Let us note that more than 50 % of the violations of data are caused by malware. On average, escapes of criminal origin cost a million dollars more than the violations of accidental origin.

Escapes of data pose problems

The expense also augments according to the number of compromised data. Study reveals that implicating escapes a million recording costs 42 million dollars, while the medium expense attains 388 million dollars when more than 50 million recordings is put in danger.

For the first time, the annual report of IBM and Ponemon Institute leans over the long-term financial impact of escapes of data. They learn so that 67 % of expenses are hired in the course of the first year, 22 % in the course of the second year, and 11 % more than two years after escape. These incidents have therefore consequences that persist in time.

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