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china and big data

China uses Big Data to monitor its citizens

By on December 1, 2019 0 429 Views

The Republic of China is beginning to invest in Big Data in order to monitor and evaluate its citizens, using a social credit system, the problem is that this exploitation of Big Data technology in China poses a threat to the Western democracy and capitalism.

In early 2014, the Republic of China announced its new draft “Social Credit” system, the aim of this system is to monitor and evaluate citizens using Big Data technology. All phone calls, gestures, facts, transactions and displacements of the citizens will be collected is to stock in the form of data to allocate a note to every person. Grace in this note the citizens will be punished or rewarded by having access in more or less of privileges in the society.

on the other hand, the social credit system is already deployed in several cities in China, this Big Data system will be introduced throughout the country at the end of 2020. Regarding the respect of privacy and confidentiality, this use of modern technology worthy of Georges Orwell’s novel 1984 is enough to thrill Westerners.

A more frightening dystopia than on 1984

According to the scientists is going to allow in China to watch firms and citizens real-time, permanently. It is the reason for which this system exceeds the worst nightmares of George Orwell in its novel 1984. Social credit based on the Big Data is going to allow in China to embrace entirely the ideals of discipline and obedience fantasized by Lenin at his time.

Social credit is going to allow the government to be more efficient and to return the model of more formidable Chinese development on a worldwide scale. China is going to be able to become emancipated entirely of democracy and the free-market of Occident.

Also, commercial interests will lead to the development of such a system on a global scale, with the export of China’s security and surveillance technologies. China will be able to adapt socialism in the 21st century thanks to Big Data and use it as an argument to support its critics about capitalism.

In the end, the Chinese republic sees the investment and use of new technologies such as Big Data as a transformative force.

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