January 23, 2021


How Coca Cola uses Big Data

by on March 21, 2019 0

Currently large multinationals have started using big data to boost their growth, among these multinationals Coca Cola the world leader in the soda industry that uses big data and artificial intelligence to stay at the top. Coca Cala Company, the world leader in the soda industry, is established in more than 200 countries and...

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Facebook and the Big Data Revolution

by on March 13, 2019 0

Discover how the American company revolutionized the world of computing. Through many innovations developed internally and then shared in Open Source, Mark Zuckerberg has contributed to the rise of Big Data. Facebook is often at the heart of the news, it is often because of his adventures. Between massive data leaks, the spread of...

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Big Data Technology for Scientific Applications

by on March 3, 2019 0

The era of Big Data has involved a great number of available datasets which are dynamic and heterogeneous. The difficulty level for transforming a normal user into someone who can explore the data is more burdensome nowadays due to the great amount of data. Data processing has become a major research topic of modern...

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Bringing Big Data Systems to the Cloud

by on March 1, 2019 0

Big Data Big data represents a new paradigm of data management (collection, processing, querying, data types, and scale) that isn’t well served by traditional data management systems. Two distinct paradigms are emerging in the big data space: working with data    at rest, and working with streams of data in flight. We’ll focus on data...

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Cloud Based Big Data Analytics

by on March 1, 2019 0

Big Data is a term refers to Structured, unstructured and Semi structured data that is this data is having variety. Big Data is also referred a term as a data is a huge data set having really huge magnitude. Volume (really a huge volume). Big data is that term which arrives before you and...

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