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Big Data global data volume multiplied fivefold by 2025

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If we are talking about Big Data today, we will have to talk about Data tomorrow. According to a new IDC study, the total volume of data stored on our planet reaches 175 Zo in 2025 or 5.3 times more than today.

Currently, in 2018, the total volume of information stored in computer systems around the world reaches 33 zettabytes. According to IDC analysts’ Data Age 2025 study, however, this volume will increase 5.3-fold by 2025 to 175 Zo or 175 billion terabytes.

As IDC’s senior vice president, David Reisel, illustrates, if you stored 175 Zettaoctects on Blu-ray discs, the battery of discs would be high enough to go to the moon… 23 times.

According to the study, data are becoming less concentrated in the United States. In 2018, Uncle Sam’s country was surpassed by China as the world’s leading “datasphere”. The Asian country alone is expected to overtake the entire EMEA zone by 2025.

Big Data an explosion in IOT-related data volume

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In addition to the unbridled Chinese growth, this sharp increase in the volume of global data will be directly related to the rise of the Internet of Things. The IoT alone will represent 90 Zo of the data generated by humanity.

Also in 2025, storage on the public cloud will account for 49% of the total volume of data and 30% of the data will be processed in real-time. Edge Computing will be used by 82% of EMEA companies by 2020, and this rate rises to 99% for Chinese companies.

To make these changes, data centers’ storage infrastructures will have to adapt. Similarly, the power of servers and the bandwidth of fixed and mobile IP networks will need to be increased to support this massive volume of data.

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