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5D storage storage

5D storage disk the future of data storage

By on December 15, 2019 0 778 Views

The stocking 5D is a creation of English researchers of the University of Southampton. Discover what you must know about his subject …

The actual support of the stocking of data introduces several weak points. In the course of time, they can wear out, go rot or become obsolete. Besides, extreme meteorological conditions can harm them.

That’s why a team of researchers from the University of Southampton in England has developed a 5D or five-dimensional data storage technology combining XYZ dimensions, time and the fifth dimension which is size and orientation by 3D position of nano-structures.

The support of stocking 5D comes in the form of a disc composed of nanostructured glass able of resisting to warmth or to any chemical reaction. Rays lasers extremist short will allow to form points structured with the aid of short heartbeats of light.

5D storage preserves data for 13 billion years

according to researchers’ estimates, this new kind of storage medium can store data for 13.8 billion years, the age of the universe. The disk has a capacity of 360 TB and can withstand a maximum temperature of 1000 degrees.

Researchers at the University of Southampton are now looking for industry partners to market their discs. This invention could prove useful in the military sector, but will also address the problems related to the explosion of big data volume.

Nevertheless, the project is still in development and several challenges will have to be met. The high price of glass makes this technology expensive, but several innovations such as alternatives to ultra-short lasers should help to remedy this problem. This technology could, therefore, represent the future of data storage, although other alternatives such as DNA storage are just as interesting…

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